Paomashan Natural Incense Sticks

Paomashan herbal incense sticks are named after a place high up in the foggy, glacial mountain range of Tibet. Aromatic Ginger and deeply soothing Clove form the dry, tingling base notes. They smoulder with an intense heart note of enchanting Lavandula, which flutters through with a daze of blackberry and chocolate - a unique, calming combination that captures the imagination and surrounds you with a luminous, fragrant atmosphere.  

-   Each pure herbal incense stick is 15cm long and burns for around 33 minutes.

-   There are 30 pure incense sticks per box.

-   Incense sticks are made using 100% pure aromatic plant components (herbs, spices, aromatic barks, seeds and saps), the plant material is then bound with water. 

-  100% natural and vegan

UME was created by Emma Leafe after several influential journeys – exploring temples, exquisite tea houses and sacred places across the globe. Drawn toward the sacred arts in each place - and being captivated by the raw scents which perfumed these explorations, she began to experience first-hand how fragrance was key in unlocking doors in the mind. From this she discovered the lost art of incense making and began to explore the deeper rituals that surround it.

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